The red room

Design and concept by Niels Ørsted Pedersen and Clara Zangenberg
Crafted by Niels Ørsted Pedersen, Clara Zangenberg and Buedal’s Tømrer & Snedker
Photo by SPace52

  • Highly customized kitchen made from IKEA elements.

Steel kitchen

Design and concept by Clara Zangenberg
Support by Tina Christensen
Photos by Jens Barslund

  • Steel kitchen made of elements from IKEA.

Back to basics

Renovating of the kitchen designed in 1956 by Vilhelm Lauritzen for his private home.

Original design and concept by Vilhelm Lauritzen (1894-1984)
Renovation by Martin Zangenberg and Clara Zangenberg
Crafted by Martin Zangenberg
Photo by SPace52 and Pernille Kaalund

  • View from the dining area • Photo by Pernille Kaalund